Simple Connect – Overview of your entire Equipment – device-independent and scalable

With more than 20 years of experience in  the area of industrial interfaces and machine connections, iMes Solutions offers a central and scalable software solution for the connection and visualization of your entire equipment (Siemens S7, Siemens Sinumerik, Beckhoff, B&R, CNC milling machines, impellers, weighing units etc. )

Quick & Easy

  • Central connection of decentralized equipments
  • Connection of different manufacturers
  • Fast and easy networking of equipments
  • Visualization of equipments, processes, production halls etc.


Overview of your Equipment

  • All machine data available - centrally and in real-time
    • Networked display of decentralized machine and production units
    • Central visualization of KPIs
    • Abstract presentation of machine data (e.g. traffic light function for machine quality, performance or consumption)

Scalable & Configurable

  • Adding of any kind of new PCS/SPS machine components
  • No programming effort necessary - customer reuqirements will be realized via configuration
  • Memory capacity is expandable at any time
    • Extensions without any downtimes


Interfaces/Protocols - flexible, scalable & manufacturer-independent


Use of ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) for an access to different relational databases in local and remote networks.  Access via ODBC standard interface.

  • OPC UA

Manufacturer- independent communication protocol for industrial automation applications.

  • OPC DA

Connection, especially for the machine level to SPS, PLC, but also ERP/MES for data exchange in real-time.

  • OPC AE

Connection to any system for the recording and processing of alarms and events.

  • Sinumerik

Connection to the Siemens Sinumerik CNC control.

  • Patlite

  • Balluff

  • I/O-Link

  • TwinCat I/O

  • M-Bus to TCP/IP

  • Modbus connection e.g. via RS485, Modbus to TCP/IP)

  • 4-20 mA or 0-20 V to TCP/IP




  • ASCII/File

Sending and receiving data by reading or writing ASCII files. Automatic evaluation of data in the network possible (file share). Very high flexibility of the data exchange and application-specific solutions for external systems.

  • XML

Presentation and exchange of hierarchically structured data via text file, readable by machines and by humans.

  • JSON

Data exchange, especially for web application and mobile apps in relation with JavaScript, Ajax or WebSockets

  • SAP Netweaver SOAP

  • SAP PI


Our USPs - Unique Selling Points

For 20 years specializing in the connection and networking of technical equipments, process control and ERP systems:

  • Status analysis / specification/ conceptioning/ budgeting
  • Agile product/application development according to Scrum
  • Customer training and workshops, e.g digital shopfloor management systems (OEE, smart factory in a few steps), alarm management according to ISA 18.2
  • Innovation provider for KI solutions
  • Support and maintenance (24/7 possible)
Industrie 4.0 Partner iMes Solutions, Industrie 4.0 solutions

Benefits Industry 4.0

Digitization - Paperless Working

  • Digitization, paperless working, error-free to the highest possible extent
  • Digital recording of production lists (control sheets, checklists, control charts etc. )
  • Digital recording of shift events in digital shift books
  • Connection to external systems
    • Connection to SPS/PCS systems for data recording
    • Connection to ERP systems like Mobile Client for SAP® ERP
    • Connection to Plant Historian to the internal production data acquisition system
  • Connection of analysis and measuring devices 

Quality Management

  • Reduced preparation time for audits
    • Due to the automatic and digital acquisition of values, all relevant information is immediately available
  • Basis for the coninuous improvement process (CIP), exploitation of optimization potential
    • Transparent presentation of process data and key figures (KPIs) in tables and charts
    • Automatic reporting of the required KPIs (downtimes, disturbances, quantities etc.) to different recipients
Zentrale Visualisierung von Prozess-Istwerten, Alarmen & Events, Qualitätsdaten
Central visualization of actual process values, alarms and events, quality data

Efficient communication

  • Improved communication: smooth and effective exchange of information among the shifts, departments, auditors, providers and customers
    • Interdepartmental discussion based on facts and figures
    • Early information for maintenance
    • Support for customer audits (minimized time effort)
    • Information at the touch of a button
    • High resource commitment of persons in higher positions is no longer necessary

Towards the Fourth Age of Industrial Revolution - accompanied by the iMes Solutions GmbH

The digitization of manufacturing processes - Industry 4.0 - places new demands on man - machine - environment.

A modern and digital production requires:

  • an intelligent information network
  • information that is available at any time - correct, without any ambiguity and needs-based
  • networking among man - machine - object - system

There are a variety of Industry 4.0 options in the production area:

  • digitization (paperless working)
  • predictive maintenance
  • prospective production
  • AI - artificial intelligence: machine learning, pattern recognition
  • transparency of plants and production due to OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)


Company Portrait

The iMes Solutions GmbH with its headquarters in Burghausen, Upper Bavaria, is specialized in the development of MES software solutions in the automation area of industrial plants.

In a strong team we combine professional competence with many years of experience in order to push and optimize the digitalization of industrial manufacturing processes towards Industry 4.0 together with our customers.

The portfolio ranges from process data archiving, alarm and energy management, automated acquisition of laboratory and machine data to electronic shift books and reporting. In the field of technical plant documentation, we support our customers with our documentation, support and project planning tool PLSDOC®.

Our objectives are the best possible protection of your plant know-how, the creation of optimum process data transparency and an increase in productivity and quality within the framework of increased plant safety and security.

In addition to our products, we offer workshops in the field of alarm and energy management as well as support for PCS documentation/reverse documentation, PCS migration and PCS configuration. Furthermore, we offer support in the areas of IT security audits, IT security and vulnerability analysis, IT forensics and data recovery.

Please, talk to us about your requirements and expectations without any obligation - together we will find the right solution. For today, for tomorrow and for the future.

Peter Fröhlich
CEO iMes Solutions GmbH

Company Vision

      "Since 2001 the iMes Solutions GmbH stands for innovative and intuitive software solutions, for quality and reliability.
       Our vision is a universal connection for decentralized plants and equipment in connection with central data processing and visualization –
       scalable, intuitive, simple and manufacturer-independent."


Company Mission

      "We offer our customers tailor-made software solutions.
       Our modular software solutions allow functions to be expanded quickly and flexibly.
      We want satisfied customers. That's why we rely on good, trusting cooperation."

Extract of our References

Our innovative MES software series and services are used across industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, automation, automotive, power plants, wastewater treatment plants and food processing.

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